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VCR ALERT: Nadia, Boris, and Brooke will be hosting the "Changes" movie on Saturday, August 19 @ 8/9 central on SNICK!!! (Check your local listings for an accurate time)
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Friday, August 18th ~ 11:19 am EST
!Lo siento mucho! I haven't updated in FOREVER! Well, happy belated birthday to the site. We are over 1 year old now! Also, be sure to catch SNICK tomorrow night for the "Changes" movie, hosted by Nadia, Boris, and Brooke!

~ Meww

Saturday, November 13th ~ 10:50 am EST
Okay, I changed the logo using some pictures from the Official Website, and added some to the Multimedia section. Also, thanks to Lindsey, we have our first FanFiction!

~ Meww

Tuesday, November 2nd ~ 1:19 pm EST
Okay, I haven't been updating because of mid-terms (which are finally over, thank God!). Some news I got from The Unnoficial Brooke Nevin Website; AOTV will start season 2 on December 5th at a new, unknown, time. Also, Nadia's episode of the Outer Limits ("Lithia", as Elysse) is scheduled to show on January 4th through/and January 17th. I'm not sure how that show works, so if you do, please let me know. I'm definately going to tape it!

~ Meww